My waiting list is all waiting for fall kittens, any kitten on this page that is not marked as reserved is now available for adoption.

Litters will be evaluated for breeding kittens first and then pet kittens will be chosen in order of deposit received.  I have been asked a lot lately if I sell show quality kittens.  I do not specialize in kittens for show purposes, although many of my kittens sold as “pet quality” could be shown if so desired (in the alter class).

Please note:  I can ship kittens in cargo with Air Canada April 1 through October 31, any kittens ready to go in the winter will have to be picked up in person.  If you wish to fly in to get your kitten I would be happy to meet you at the airport.
To ship a kitten Air Canada is currently charging $258 for a small kennel shipped within Canada, a kennel costs $50, and a pre-flight vet check is $35.

Included in the purchase price of your ragdoll kitten:

-Vet Check-up
-Two sets of vaccinations and multiple wormings
-TICA registration form (blue slip)
-Health guarantee (contract)
-Microchipped (to activate and register the microchip in your name with Viaguard will cost you $19)
-Food sample (currently we are feeding Orijen chicken for cats/kittens, friskies canned food).  We will be switching foods once I figure out what else to feed.
-Toys (I am not able to include toys for any kitten that is shipped in cargo)
-Baby album of pictures
-6 weeks free pet insurance with breedsecure and/or 30 days free pet insurance with trupanion
-We are able to do early spay/neutering for you.  Cost will be added to the purchase price.  Currently a spay costs $190 and neuter is $100.  My vet gives me a 25% breeder discount.


Upcoming Litters:
Cinderella and Jack – due mid-April
Misty and Jack – due mid-June

Planned Litters:
Amelia and Mench
Cocoa and Mench
Ragalong Bella and Jack
Ragalong Ruby and Jack
Abigail and Jack
Ivy and Prince

Jill and Jack have kittens!  They were born January 19.  We have 5 girls and 2 boys.
Kitten #3 – Blue lynx bicolor girl - Reserved for Jingnan
Kitten #4 – Seal lynx bicolor boy - Breeder hold
IMG_9340 jill blue lynx bi IMG_9234 seal boy

Lillie and Jack have kittens!  They were born February 5.  We have 6 boys and 1 girl.
Kitten #1 – Seal bicolor boy (white collar) – Reserved for Narcissa
Kitten #2 – Seal mitted lynx boy (blue collar)
Kitten #3 – Seal lynx bicolor boy (purple collar)- reserved for Carl
Kitten #4 – Blue lynx bicolor boy (yellow collar) – reserved for Siyu
Kitten #5 - Blue bicolor girl (pink collar)
Kitten #6 – Seal mitted lynx boy (green collar)
Kitten #7 – Seal lynx bicolor boy (brown collar) – Reserved for Archy
white bllue purple yellow blue lynx boy pink green brown

Tiger Lily (and Prince) have 7 kittens born February 23.
Kitten #1 – Seal bicolor girl (orange collar)
Kitten #2 - Blue lynx bicolor boy (green collar) – Breeder hold
Kitten #3 - Blue bicolor girl (pink collar) – Breeder hold
Kitten #4 - Seal lynx bicolor boy (red collar) – Reserved for Madison
Kitten #5 - Seal mitted lynx boy (purple collar)
Kitten #6 – Seal bicolor/mitted (yellow collar) – Reserved for Laura (Diane)
Kitten #7 – Seal mitted boy (no collar) - Reserved for Zichen
Tl orange TL boy TL pink collar girl Tl seal lynx bicolor boy TL seal mitt lynx boy tl seal mitt girl TL coconut

Amy (and Prince) have 6 kittens born March 17, 2018
Kitten #1 – Blue bicolor girl (blue collar) – Reserved for Lorraine
Kitten #2 - Seal bicolor girl (purple collar) - not currently available
Kitten #3 - Blue bicolor girl (orange collar) – Reserve for Yuqing
Kitten #4 - Blue bicolor boy (green collar) – Reserved for Dayu
Kitten #5 - Seal bicolor girl (red collar)
Kitten #6 - Seal bicolor girl (yellow collar) - Reserved for Ana
blue purple  IMG_0800 Tl girl green  red yellow

Lacy (and Jack) have had their kittens on April 10.  We have 6 kittens.
Kitten #1 – orange – seal bicolor boy (missing color on ears)
Kitten #2 – pink – blue bicolor lynx boy
Kitten #3 – red – seal lynx bicolor girl
Kitten #4 – green – blue bicolor girl (missing color on ears)
Kitten #5 – blue – blue bicolor lynx boy
Kitten #6 – purple – seal bicolor girl (color missing on ears)

Pet Kitten List (in order of deposit received):
Breeder reserves first pick of any litter! All breeding kittens are reserved before pet kittens become available

Deposits received after April 1st:
Esther (Jack baby, in 2018)
Oliver (2)

Deposit rec’d but not ready yet (to notify me when ready!):

Waiting List for Breeding Quality
We only sell a few breeding kittens a year and do not take deposits ahead of time.  If interested in a breeding kitten please contact me.