Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Adorabledolls Northern Dancer – RETIRED

Sire: RW, QGC Furreal Edison of CCDolz
Dam: Adorabledolls Sheridan
Katie Pedigree

Katie was my best show cat ever and a real sweetheart.  She was a 3-time regional color award winner, 20th best Allbreed Longhair Cat of the Year.  The 5th best Ragdoll kitten in RFCI for the 2009-2010 season. TICA’s 4th best Ragdoll kitten in the NW region. TICA’s 4th best adult Ragdoll in the NW region for 2010-2011. RFCI’s 7th best Ragdoll adult in the world!



Tica Champion Rockinblues Lacy of Rainbowragdolls – RETIRED

Sire: RW, SGC, CFA Ch HeartNSoul Hurricane
Dam: RW, SGC, CFA Ch Rockinblues Sweet Home Alabama

Lacy is a Regional Color Award Winner
2nd Best Seal Point/Bicolor Ragdoll of the Year




Rainbowragdolls Tiger Lily

Sire: CH Riterags Simba
Dam: Beautiful Lady Lace
Tiger Lily Pedigree

Tiger Lily was born and raised here. She is a seal mitted lynx. Such a sweetheart, loves to be pet and purrs her head off.  Her fur is so soft, you would have to feel it to believe it.  She has such a huge fluffy tail.
She will be retired in 2020 after 1 more litter in the spring.  A new home has already been found.


Rainbowragdolls Cinderella

Sire: Rainbowragdolls Prince Charming
Dam: Marlcreek Sonya
Cinderella Pedigree

A blue bicolor with an awesome personality.  I just loved Sonya’s pedigree and couldn’t resist keeping her very last girl for myself.



Tica Champion Rockinblues Rosy of Rainbowragdolls

Sire: RW, SGC, CFA Ch HeartNSoul Hurricane
Dam: RW, SGC, CFA Ch Rockinblues Evening in Paris
Rosy Pedigree

A sweet blue bicolor girl from Alabama.  She is a 1/2 sister to Lacy.  Just a darling thing.  After having a litter I took her out to the Edmonton cat show and she earned several finals against some stiff competition.  Way to go Rosy!
In Rosy’s first litter 2 of her girls were sold to another breeder whom I am proud to announce has been very successful showing them in CFA.  Elizabeth and Charlotte are CFA Grand Champions.  Her son Prince Henry granded at his first TICA show.

Rosy is a Regional Color Award Winner
2nd Best Blue Point/Bicolor Ragdoll of the Year

Rosie’s daughter, CFA Grand Champion Elizabeth, Mench is the dad:

c elizabeth 2




 Jill of Rainbowragdolls

Sire: Ch Rainbowragdolls Prince Charming
Dam: Rainbowragdolls Tiger Lily
Jill Pedigree

Jill is a very sweet kitten we have kept for ourselves, a blue lynx bicolor.  Jack and Jill have produced some of the most adorable babies, gorgeous eye color on all of them.

Some of Jill’s babies from her first litter:

Jills girl 2 jjkittens


Rainbowragdolls Misty

Sire: Ch Rainbowragdolls Prince Charming
Dam:  Rainbowragdolls Tiger Lily

Misty is a really adorable blue bicolor we have kept from Prince and Tiger Lily.  Bred to Jack they can have blue bicolors, seal bicolors, seal lynx bicolors or blue lynx bicolors.


Tica Champion Rainbowragdolls Cocoa

Sire: Ch Rainbowragdolls Prince Charming
Dam:  Ragalong Sophia of Rainbowragdolls
cocoa pedigree


Cocoa is a gorgeous seal mitted girl that championed at the Calgary 2018 show, showing against several supreme and quadruple grand champion males.  All the judges commented on her gorgeous eye color and the wonderful contrast of her points.  She is a smaller cat, kittens likely to be on the smaller side.
cocoa award

Tica Grand Champion Rainbowragdolls Ivy

Sire: QGCH Glassrosens Captain Jack Harkness
Dam:  CH Rockinblues Lacy of Rainbowragdolls

IMG_1277 IVY

Ivy is a very gorgeous seal lynx bicolor girl.  You would have to see her tail to believe how amazing it is.  She has a great personality, gorgeous eye color, very nice size for a girl



Regional Winner, Tica Triple Grand Champion Cherubdolls China Doll

Sire: RW QGC Glassrosens Captain Jack Harkness
Dam:  Rocknraggies Dolly of Cherubdolls

IMG_7277 china doll_wooden-108


Tica Champion Rainbowragdolls Rosalina

Sire: RW QGC Glassrosens Captain Jack Harkness
Dam:  CH Rockinblues Rosy of Rainbowragdolls
IMG_1312 rosalina IMG_8035 rosalina_flower-26


Rhetoricalrags Abigail

Sire: Marlcreek forever in blue jeans
Dam:  CH Rhetoricalrags Pixie Dust
pedigree abbigail

Abigail is a very sweet, very cute seal bicolor from Rhetoricalrags in Massachusetts.  Such a great mom!

Purrrealdolls Spice Girl – Retired

Sire: CH Snugglerags I am Sam
Dam:  Purrrealdolls Cookies N Creme
spice girl pedigree

girl IMG_1331

Spice Girl is a chocolate lynx colorpoint.  Bred to Jack she can have seal, blue, chocolate or lilac mitted kittens.  This will be my first chocolate ragdoll.
So sad Spice Girl has passed away due to complications of her second pregnancy.  She has 2 kittens from her previous litter in other breeders homes, so her bloodlines will live on.  She was my only chocolate girl and I enjoyed producing the lilacs and chocolates for a short while.


Snugglerags Sydnie

Sire: LA SGC Snugglerags Midnight Cowboy
Dam:  RW QGC Regencyrags My Lady Delight

Sydnie is a seal bicolor girl from California.  Such a sweet girl.  Here are her parents:

 midnight cowboy lady